Enterprise Business Applications

Enterprise Business Applications

We are a leading enterprise business applications and systems consulting firms. We provide the necessary business knowledge and technical expertise to help our clients better understand, utilize and maintain their complex and critical enterprise systems. We specialize in the integration of financial, human resource, supply chain and customer relationship management (CRM) applications.

Our IT consultants effectively align back-office applications with corporate strategy to gain efficiencies and drive productivity and profitability while maximizing the lifecycle value of your technology assets. Our team offers extensive expertise in business process management; enterprise systems solutions such as SAP ERP, Oracle e-Business Suite, and Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint and all technology platforms, operating systems, and infrastructure.

Training and Support for ERP Systems and Enterprise Business Applications

Utilizing enterprise business applications and ERP systems to their greatest potential requires highly trained and experienced individuals who understand each application’s and system’s capabilities and limitations, as well as the environment in which they will be used. To help our clients better utilize and maximize their ERP investments, we offer training and support for multiple ERP solutions.

We also support enterprise applications across all technology platforms, operating systems, and infrastructures. We provide qualified and certified professional manpower to manage the most complex business applications with expertise in various domains: Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Telco, Utility, BFSI, Retail, and Government.